March cancer horoscopes

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You are moving through some interesting psychic territory, incorporating inner exploration into your efforts at solving the puzzle of who, at base, you really are. Your work in the world is a potent theme for you now, and full of surprises and unexpected course corrections. You may feel that you need to make your public statement more consistent with your inner convictions in order to be true to your current extremely stimulating life direction. The following was written by our new resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge-Aubut of Ninth House Astrology Dear Cancer , in you have, in many ways, learned to take some of your power back, and this fact alone needs to be acknowledged.

Since December , you have been on an inner and outer journey to heal and realigned with your own spring from out of which flows your creative and regenerative powers. Circumstances and maybe other people have pushed you to truly reconnect with yourself in a profound, and perhaps painful way. However, when loneliness becomes an enriching solitary experience, we become fluent in the art of doing what is best for us, prioritizing our needs in the process.

You are a natural when it comes to nurturing and creating a safe and intimate space to connect with others. However, you might have hit a wall with what you are available to give others who do not respect your bound Aries.

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This ongoing process of learning to better define or redefine your personal bound Aries has characterized much of and it is starting to pay off. Jupiter enters the sign of Capricorn on December 2nd, initiating a year-long transit in this sign. Jupiter in astrology is often associated with a desire for expansion and for embracing new experiences.

Obviously, all good things in moderation are advised, but overall, Jupiter in Capricorn for the next year should bring support in aiming higher, furthering your reach, and endowing you with a sense of new possibilities. The first half of December brings a need to renew with better habits, healthier choices, and integrate more space for your well being into your everyday life. Perhaps you are already thinking about new year resolutions to implement as draws to a close.

The Full Moon in Gemini on December 11th highlights the need for quiet time and perhaps some insights into your inner workings and dialogues. These Full Moon illuminations could shine bright on anxieties and fears, and help dislodge old patterns. The sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which means the ebb and flow of your emotions are like the tides of an ocean, rising and falling cyclically and naturally. Learning to take a step back from these emotional tides while keeping a compassionate approach towards yourself is a lifetime process.

The Full Moon in Gemini is chatty, and you want to make sure you are entertaining the right dialogues. For you, Cancer , this time of the year always highlights your relationships and the balancing act between your needs and the needs of other people in your life. It can also be a time of nostalgia for Cancer folks as we remember the years past, the good old days, and the people who are not in our lives anymore. The best medicine for this time of the year is finding ways to create new memories with people who are dear to your heart.

December 25th brings a Solar Eclipse in the sign of Capricorn and for you this means a major reset in regards to relationships. A wind of fresh air is blowing through your house of partnerships and you will have to let go of anything that does not serve you at this time.

Monthly Horoscope: Cancer, March 12222

The more you hold on, the harder it will be to make space for the new that is trying to arise, especially regarding partnerships. Let the old die and embrace the change before the New Year arrives. An amazing learning tool for beginners, yet also providing crucial components for professional astrologers, TimePassages Software will undoubtedly take your practice of Astrology to the next level.

Its graphics are superb, its content accurate and excellently presented. In addition, the program is very 'user friendly' as is the technical support team at AstroGraph. I highly recommend TimePassages for both the astrological student and professional.

Cancer's monthly horoscope for March

The Sun represents the Self, one's way of being in the world. It can represent, on different levels, both the ego and the higher Self or soul purpose. It rules Leo and is exalted in Aries. The Sun is the most important 'planet' in the chart and symbolizes one's will and sense of vitality. When the Sun is afflicted poorly placed or poorly aspected it could indicate problems with the father, or male role model.

The Sun energizes your entire chart, and planets in close relationship to the Sun by planetary aspect are emphasized in your personality. If your Sun is prominent in your chart, you will exhibit great power to do and to be. More about the Sun The Moon represents the personal self, the feelings and the unconscious. It is a reflection of the true self, represented by the Sun. The Moon also stands for security and instinctual or habitual patterns, as well as the ability to relate to others, and to be nurturing to others. The Moon rules Cancer and is exalted in Taurus.

It is often contrasted with the Sun as the female receptive principle versus the masculine or positive principle. The Moon represents the feminine and nurturing part of oneself. In a male chart, the Moon represents the feminine within, or the 'anima' and also indicates the type of partner you will attract. The Moon also represents an attunement from the past, which operates at an instinctive or habitual level in your present life. More about the Moon Mercury represents the mind and intellect, and rules Gemini, sign of duality also Virgo, and has its exaltation in Aquarius.

Mercury is an airy planet, associated with all forms of communication and the in-flow and out-flow of intelligence.

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Its position indicates how your mental function will be expressed, and where techniques and skills are available to you. More about Mercury Venus is the planet of love and relationship. Venus is in-taking, rather than out-going as represented by Mars , and rules the signs Libra and Taurus.

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Venus has its exaltation in Pisces, and is associated with aesthetics, beauty, refinement and romance. Its position in the chart indicates the area in which the give and take of love, affection and sensual pleasure will be expressed. More about Venus Mars is the planet of outward activity and animal passion. It rules Aries and is exalted in Capricorn.

This fiery planet is masculine in action, versus softer more receptive Venus. When strong in the chart it can indicate a volatile temper, and also great courage. Its position indicates how your personality will assert itself, and what modes of activity will stimulate your physical energies. Jupiter is the planet of faith, positivism and optimism. It rules Sagittarius and is exalted in Cancer.

Jupiter represents the principle of expansion, versus contraction as represented by Saturn and the aspirations of the higher self. Its position in the chart indicates how your faith will be expressed, and what modes of activity will stimulate self-confidence. More about Jupiter Saturn is the planet of limitation and contraction, and the trials of life experience. This includes disciplive, punctuality, and the conservation of material resources. Saturn rules Capricorn and is exalted in Libra, and is limited and material, versus unlimited faith as represented by Jupiter.

It indicates areas where the personality will be restricted by fears and lack of confidence, and also areas which are important to be worked on in this lifetime. More about Saturn Uranus is the planet of freedom and revolutionary vision, the urge for change and the ability to visualize new possibilities. Uranus rules Aquarius, and is exalted in Scorpio. It is also associated with mental studies, electricity and astrology. Its position indicates the arena of originality and freedom from conventional thinking in your life.

More about Uranus Neptune represents the universal ocean of oneness with all beings.

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It is thus highly compassionate, also idealistic, imaginative and self login or even self undoing, and can be associated with drugs or media, as fantasy expressions. Neptune rules Pisces, and finds its exaltation in Cancer. Its position indicates where there may be confusion and also great creativity in poetic or musical fields.

Neptune has been called the higher octave of Venus. More about Neptune Pluto is a force for change that can be destructive in its power. Pluto rules Scorpio, and is exalted in Leo. Pluto is related to will, and intense passion, and has a reputation for ruthlessness.

march cancer horoscopes March cancer horoscopes
march cancer horoscopes March cancer horoscopes
march cancer horoscopes March cancer horoscopes
march cancer horoscopes March cancer horoscopes
march cancer horoscopes March cancer horoscopes
march cancer horoscopes March cancer horoscopes
march cancer horoscopes March cancer horoscopes

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