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Fortunately, you don't just need it, you get it! Interestingly, Venus moves into your sign on the 20th, and it may be that because you're now prioritizing yourself, the chance to recoup more easily comes to you. You end and will greet with this fortuitous transit--Venus enhances your relationships, powers of attraction, and pleasure factor.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope for March 7

Still, the Sun's transit of your privacy sector from the 21st is a natural time for retreat, withdrawal, or a sabbatical. It's about emotional and physical renewal before your birthday month. This can be symbolic only but vital as you recharge and refresh.

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It's not the time to rush! You have more preparations to do, but you feel more and more equipped to handle them. There has been a tremendous focus on a private, background sector of your solar chart, dear Aquarius. While this theme does continue and, in some ways, intensifies, there is a distinct shift happening throughout that brings things out into the light!

Top 10 Reasons Why Aquarius is the Best Zodiac Sign

All of this translates to increasingly more clarity in your life. The area of focus in question rules your subconscious, private life, dream world, intuition, attachment to the past, sorrows, endings, karma, and reckoning. This is also an area of our charts where we uncover hidden talents and strengths , not only areas of liability. However, the major difference this year compared to recent years is that you see a way forward.

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For one, Jupiter is now in your solar twelfth house, showing you the benefits and yes, even the joy, of reflection, private moments, and putting an end to outdated attitudes or situations in your life. For another, Saturn is on its way out of this area of your chart and into your sign. Jupiter transits a sign for approximately a year every twelve years or so. This time around, Jupiter enters your sign just two days after Saturn enters Aquarius in December for the long haul. As such, the entire time Jupiter is in your sign, Saturn is there as well.

While Jupiter expands, Saturn constricts. Fortunately, even though these planets have many opposite functions, they tend to work together quite well. In fact, they may be considered a power team.

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You can feel particularly productive and effective from mid-December forward. You can find much pleasure and joy in exercising more self-discipline and initiative. Your efforts to discipline yourself or structure your life can be satisfying and rewarding. Until then, there is quite a bit of inner work or preparation to do, and you have Jupiter helping you on these fronts this year.

You are putting a burden behind you. While your efforts to understand the things that have been holding you back from your new beginnings have not always been straightforward, makes it all the easier. Guilt, worry, fear, insecurity…these things have a way of accumulating over the years, and they can hold you back. Fortunately, Jupiter is giving you a helping hand in this regard. Self-discovery is a powerful theme this year, and it will blossom further next year. Uranus continues to shake up your personal or domestic world. Changes on the home front, with family, or with living arrangements or conditions are a continued theme.

Aquarius weekly horoscope - 2 Dec 12222, Monday - 8 Dec 12222, Sunday

There is a super interaction between Uranus and the North Node and planets in your work-and-health sector, suggesting a better work-home balance, the chance to work from or on the home with success, or more support and involvement from loved ones regarding work and routines.

Aquarians will find a lot is going on psychologically, behind the scenes, and on the inside again this year. This is a time when you can be holding onto a secret or private concerns and worries. This can be a revealing although often quite private time in your life. Patience will benefit you greatly now as you prepare and plan in You have all the tools necessary to start fresh.

At this time, you likely have a stronger sense of what you want and need from partnership. Of course, there are many minor trends that move in and out of these sectors throughout the year that point to smaller trends. Your romance sector is ruled by quick-moving Mercury. These are periods when love could be on the stagnant side, a lover or love interest is reflective, there are communication problems, or when relationships are confusing.

However, these are also important periods for slowing down and looking at things in new ways. Love is not only about moving forward and high energy — there are times when we need to reflect and re-imagine. The period from July occurs in your partnership sector, so this is a particularly relationship-focused cycle.

Sometimes, the reappearance of old partners can emerge during such a cycle.

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Family commitments demand more of your time. The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. Your current life is an extension of your past life karma.


Get your personalised karma insight report here. In some area of your life that you are trying to get a handle o You may have more work on your plate th But this is not going to happen by magic. There is a distinct You're keen and alert and can express yours Improve your skills before moving forward. If you're being challenged You're not out of financial pressure yet. Be patient as the planets move into

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