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Life is not prescribed life is all matter of choices. Because we born with the greatest freedom and depends on us how we spend it. Post a Comment. I was in the middle of translating the reading of the chart of Charles Manson for my site Astromarkt. The murder was 40 years ago now. In May of this year there will be another attempt to free Susan Atkins who has a brain tumor. And the parole will probably be denied, again. I wrote about the birth chart of Susan Atkins , last year. And now I wondered if their was an astrological link between the charts of Susan Atkins and Sharon Tate.

She participated in the killing. I found a lot of trines.

Charles Manson – charm turned to devilish ends – Astroinform with Marjorie Orr – Star4cast

They were abundant in the chart of Sharon Tate. She and Susan Atkins share a grand trine. And their charts are connected by trines, too. These are the planets of being a woman, of having success and of enjoying life. She has a grand trine of Sun, Saturn and Neptune, tightly. The grand trine is considered to be fortunate. And of course, Sharon Tate was a beauty, she had success and money. The only thing is that Mars is biquintile Pluto and Saturn is sextile Pluto. Mars-Saturn-Pluto is the combination of the danger of untimely death. Atkins has Sun square Saturn.

Sharon Tate had Sun opposition Pluto. Atkins has Sun square Pluto. Sharon Tate had Mars semi square Neptune. Atkins Mars square Neptune.

Tate had Sun trine Neptune. Atkins Sun biquintile Neptune. Her Sun had just been square Uranus.

This is a signal that her life changed in a sudden way, related to 'life and death'. The aspect had occured already. He led his followers to perform the murders for him. This article was fascinating describing Charles Manson not as a serial killer but as a murder by proxy. I certainly agree with Dr.

Bonn that Charles Manson was not necessarily a serial killer because this cooling off period was not actually present and he did not do the actual killings. In order to be a serial killer a person must kill two or more people and there has to be a cooling off period between each murder. I believe that he was maniac that killed for his own agenda. An argument could be made that the day in between those murders was enough of a cooling off period.

Yes, it was planned, but nevertheless this could be considered serial murders.

Serial Killers Exposed via Vedic Astrology (MUST WATCH) part 1

Although in my opinion, I always considered these to be mass murders. Perhaps it's the portrayal of serial murder in the media, but I associate this term with a time period of at least several weeks.

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So Charles Manson girlfriend does she identify herself as a follower of Manson and if so what forms of monitoring do they have them under to ensure he is not starting an uprising once again? I know at plain sight it may seem irrelevant but if Manson never really killed someone himself couldn't he just use his relationship to initiate this racial war again?

Maybe because there never was a first " uprising". You lot got to stop watching those crap Mainstream media documentaries filled with fables. Regardless of whether or not Charles Manson is a serial killer or not, I believe it is apparent that he is a deranged fuck. Watching the interview with Charles Manson on youtube is eerily creepy. The responses he gives along with his constant laughter sends chills down my spine. However, we have to understand the maniacal genius of Manson.

By utilizing a stock home syndrome-esque approach he was able to prey and provide a fatherly figure for those in need. He gave them a purpose and a family, which they came to identify with and supported. My question is what were the responses of the Manson cult who actually committed the ruthless murders.

12 Of The Most Famous Criminals In History And Their Zodiac Signs

Were they as crazy as Manson having no remorse for their actions; or did they repent for their sins and claim they were brainwashed by Manson? Some of the "Manson family" claimed to have remorse, and some claim to have repented for their sins and claimed that they were brainwashed and just doing it to please Manson.

I think Charles Manson was a brilliant man, who just happened to be deranged. I don't necessarily know if he had his followers kill the victims just for pleasure or if he actually thought he had some higher purpose. Either way, whether or not he is a serial killer the one thing i do know for sure is that this man has some bolts loose in that head of his. I think it's fascinating how he was also a cult leader and was able to recruit members of his family to do some of his killings for him. Talk about dedication! He must have been a very influential part of the family to convince people to do his dirty work.

I too agree that Charles Manson was more of a cult leader than a serial killer. One who wields the power to control people to do their bidding truly make them a force to be feared. This power makes him the true "boogie man" that hides behind close doors. Even now he sits behind bars and controls his "fiance" Star as well as his many groupies that write to him every day. I find comfort knowing he will never see parol, but i fear the deranged people out there that idolize his beliefs and worship his existence.

Although he will be locked behind bars for the rest of his life, he will always have his cult leader status among the people who love him on the other side of those prison walls. If he is essentially someone who convinces others to kill for him why is he allowed to speak with someone so much that they want to marry him? It is interesting and enlightening to learn what the actual definitions are for serial killers and spree killers. This makes me wonder which type of killer is more dangerous, a spree killer or a serial killer.

The family did its thing before I came around. I find Manson somewhat fascinating. He reminds me of my uncle, who is also rather brilliant, but also troubled. I mainly get 2 things from him. Since his placement in jail s from an early age, they failed to rehabilitate him and possibly made him dependent on them not to mention many others.

I kind of side with him, because I don't believe anybody can be "controlled" by anyone else. However, I do believe in influence, which he exerted on the family. The big question Manson put out is, if someone acts based on his words, can he be held responsible for it? The courts say d yes to that.

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I do suspect that if Manson hadn't come into the lives of those people, they would not have killed anyone. However, I don't think there was any kind of contract to commit the killing. I don't think he paid them any compensation. I do think he may have used fear and threats to encourage them I gave you this opportunity; I give you a place to live; You have nothing; this is how you can pay But ultimately, those people didn't have to do what he said. Militants don't have to kill anyone, just because they were "following orders". They still have their own minds.

They can think for themselves. They can say "yes sir" and fail their mission and take a court martial. You have to make up your own mind.

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Have your own mind. Develop it. Don't let anyone tell you what to do. That said, based on this article, I must agree that George Bush is a killer by proxy. It then makes me wonder, if you take office when a war is in progress then you automatically become a killer, even if you were able to bring the war to a close within your term. I'd say no. If a war was ongoing, I don't think you could stop fighting and killing that was already underway. However, you could issue a cease fire order.

You can order your troops that if they must fire to do their best to fire non-lethally.

charles manson astrology profile Charles manson astrology profile
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