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Astrology from the Classical Tradition

Hellenistic astrology is the original tradition of western astrology, which was practiced from approximately 1st century BC through the 7th century AD. The Hellenistic Astrology Course provides students with an in-depth understanding of the technical, historical, and philosophical underpinnings of the earliest tradition of western predictive astrology. Electional astrology is a branch of astrology that is used in order to select auspicious times to begin new ventures and undertakings.

The Electional Astrology Course combines both ancient and modern approaches in order to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the core rules and principles underlying this branch of astrology, as well as how to apply the rules in practice to select auspicious times. For more information click here: The Electional Astrology Course.

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The Professional Astrologer Course is designed to teach students how to make the transition into practicing astrology professionally, and to provide a guide for building a successful astrological practice. The first half of the course focuses on the process of making the transition from being an amateur astrologer to practicing the subject professionally, by helping you to start seeing clients and establishing your practice. The second part of the course focuses on different strategies for growing your audience and business, in order to achieve success and financial stability in your chosen career field.

For more information click here: The Professional Astrologer Course. I offer package discounts when new students sign up for more than one course at the same time. You can find out more information on this page that lists the package discounts on TheAstrologySchool. Online Astrology Courses and Tutoring.

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In the report we go through each calendar month of , and highlight the single best electional chart we can find for that span of time. We also explain our reasoning behind each chart, and talk about the pros and cons, as well as what each chart would be most ideal for and what types of topics you might want to avoid using it for. This report is a digital download, which includes an audio, video, and written version of the report, so that you can study it in different mediums over the next year.



You will be redirected to PayPal, and then as soon as you are finished paying you will receive an email that will contain a link to download all the files. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive an email with the links immediately. If you run into any problems or have any questions, please email Chris at: astrologue gmail. Promo Video Here is a promo video where we talk a bit about the report: — What You Get When you purchase the report you receive the following things: Access to a 1 hour and 47 minute video recording, in which Chris and Leisa talk about the astrology of and provide an overview of each of the charts they found.

Electional Astrology part 1

This video is available in both a streaming version and an MP4 download. Links to both are provided upon purchasing the report.

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A 1 hour and 47 minute audio version of the same recording, in MP3 format. A printable page PDF write-up, which contains all of our written notes, including the pros and cons of each chart and detailed instructions about the specific time windows involved. A printable page PDF file containing all of the charts discussed in the report.

An Introduction to Electional Astrology
electional astrology course Electional astrology course
electional astrology course Electional astrology course
electional astrology course Electional astrology course
electional astrology course Electional astrology course
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